Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sorry i havent been putting pictures up. I can't seem to find the cord that plugs the camera into the computer to download them! Anyways here are a couple of things that have been happening in the Sorenson home!
  • had my first doctors appointment and everything is looking good-still have bloodwork i need to do im now 12 weeks along =]
  • we got a new fish tank and got rid of Aiden's little plastic one we now have 2 fiddler crabs 1 bala shark and 1 rainbow shark
  • we had a fun Thanksgiving with my family then we made our own =]
  • we got most of our Christmas decorations up
  • had my first real black friday is no longer on our future lists
  • Aiden's vocabulary is growing!!
  • I have decided to register and hopefully become a bone marrow donor(after the baby that is!)

Hopefully i find that cord soon because there are alot of pictures i have been meaning to post!

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