Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cody is 21!!

Today is Cody's 21st birthday! Man the time flies!! I remember the day i met him senior year! Well yesterday we went to Disney yet again!(we are probably the biggest Disneyland junkies ever!) We had went on a couple of rides yesterday and today Cody got his 72$ gift card and his happy birthday button. We had only gone on 2 rides since the park was really crowded and we had planned on going home before there was traffic. It was Aiden's very first time riding Autopia. I was surprised when he stopped moving the steering wheel as soon as we had started to move. He enjoyed the ride very much and I'm pretty sure this will be his next favorite ride. On the way home Cody reported a drunk driver who nearly got into an accident with us. We found out how good of a team we were because i was already memorizing this guys licence plate number before Cody called. Of course as soon as the guy saw we got out the phone he sped away(little did he know i already knew his licence plat number by heart!...still do!).
When we got home i had to go get blood work done which i hate but its good for me i suppose. I also had to go to the doc's office because i apparently have an infection. So to add to my massive prenatal vitamin i have to take amoxicillan 3 times a day for 10 days =/. I stopped to pick up Cody's favorite candy(snickers) since i gave him his birthday present early(a Lakers watch already sized perfectly!) i also got him a card and a 3$ scratcher since he got me a scratcher on my birthday last year. My scratcher was worth nothing knowing my bad luck but i just so happened to pick Cody out a winner! He won 15$ and was so happy since it was his first winning scratcher. I will post again tomorrow since its my cookie baking day =]. A post dedicated to cookies!!

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