Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Time at Disneyland

I absolutely LOVE Disneyland this time of the year! Just being there makes you happy and seeing all of the beautiful decorations; it is amazing how they do all of it! We stayed overnight again but this time we had gotten a free room from previously staying and it was grandpas birthday. We were there Monday through Tuesday and yes it poured on Monday! Thankfully we had driven through the worst of it(It still rained a little and drizzled). Even though my shoes were soaked and my feet were freezing you can still see from the pictures it was fun! And you can also tell which ones were from Monday and which ones were from Tuesday! Tuesday it was absolutely beautiful outside but it was still a little cold!

Aiden taking a snooze this was the 2nd day we were here.

He actually tried to leave his 3d glasses on through the Toy Story Mania ride!

Cody and Travis on Screamin'. After the ride they said it froze their face lol
Aiden sat for Santa! He also danced for him too! Last year he fell asleep before he got to Santa at church. I think we will make it a tradition to get a family christmas picture and a picture with Santa at Disney. =]
Main Street all decorated.
Cody and Aiden on the carousel. You can see Cody's poncho.

Us infront of the castle. It was so pretty!
Me and Cody freezing in our ponchos on the carousel.
We had so much fun minus the rainy Monday. We are also going again next week for Cody's birthday. He is turning the big 21!! Hopefully it wont rain =]

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