Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookies Cookies Everywhere!!

Well not really. I only made one batch of 3 cookies. Compared to my mom who makes 24 different types of cookies and doubles the recipe for each one. About a month ago i made a raspberry cream cheese breakfast pastry which was yummy! So i decided to trade the crust for a regular graham cracker crust and make raspberry cheesecake bars. It is still cooling while i type this so i ha vent cut it up and made it look pretty, but the picture makes it look like a bloody cake lol. Then i made one batch of chocolate chip cookies which made 43 cookies and a batch of sugar cookies which made 26 cookies. The house now smells really good! It is definitely better than any air freshener that i have smelt! I love this time of the year and everything that comes with it! Decorations, baked sweets, the smell of Christmas trees, shopping, and being around family. =]

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Tabby said...

YUMMMY! Those cookies look amazing Gina!