Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Fishie Tank

I had gotten a kids fish tank from one of my old co-workers who was going to throw it out. I took it home and Cody was excited to get fish! So the same day we bought 2 tiger barb fish and 1 rainbow shark. Over time the 2 tiger bars died and algae began to grow in the tank. Apparently the rainbow shark eats algae so it was a win win situation! Well the other day Cody wanted to buy more fish for the tank. Long story short, we ended up buying a new/bigger tank. We also bought 2 fiddler crabs and got a free bala shark. Now there is a funny story that goes along with the crabs. We bought them at walmart and we were leaving petco and i was looking at the crabs watching them walk around and one of them froze up and turned over! I told Cody that i thought the crab was dying or dead. So i sat there poking at the dead crab(i know that sounds horrible lol)and he wasn't budging! Then it looked like something pink looking was coming out of the top of him so i had thought i accidentally stepped on him. By the time we got home which was a total of about 7 minutes there were 3 crabs in the bag! Turns out the crab that froze up shed his shell. I was all grossed out. But anyways i can now have pics for you!!
Bala shark. The little boy that donated him told us his name was eddie =]

Our rainbow shark that is very shy and doesnt come out of the ship unless the crabs have taken over it lol

One of the crabs. Couldnt get a pic of the other guy but we thing this one is a girl because she has 2 tiny claws and the other one has one tiny claw and one huge claw.

The shedded shell =]

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