Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Updates Updates Updates

I have been lazy lately so here are alot of updates! This picture was taken today i didn't take a pic at 34 weeks so you get me at 35 =]. I seriously feel like i am about to pop! My feet have been swelling up so the only shoes i can wear are sandals, my braxton hicks seemed to have calmed down quite a bit and i have gained 3 more pounds woo hoo! Doc says everything is going good. I see him next week and i think he may or may not check me i don't know for sure but i will let you all know =]

This last Saturday we went to the Helping Hands shindig. We went to Smiley park and i must say a little paint and gardening makes a huge difference! There were alot of people at different locations at ours we had over 100! I didn't really do anything but it was still fun to be there!

The Park

For mothers day Cody made me a nice breakfast and he got me a Kitchenaid mixer(which i have wanted for the longest time!!) I have already made cookies and cupcakes with it =] We also went and visited Cody's grandma who is living with his aunt down in San Diego. The have this gnome thing at the front door that Aiden is always worried about as you can see on his face =].

On Friday we went to go see a friend's "show before he goes." He is in the army and was going to be leaving and we wanted to see him off=] It was very nice music and Aiden's girlyfriend was there too! Him and Hailey played in the alley pretty much the whole time which was good since it was really hot where the band was(a very tiny room).
This is the only picture of them sitting still =]
We tried to get a cute kissy picture but Aiden wasn't going to let that happen.

For the past week we have been having random power outages and it is the whole block!(including the stake center!) This was the first long one we had i was about to start making dinner and everything turns off. So we decide to go out to eat at Denny's(kids eat free certain days =]) Aiden enjoyed having a pizza all to himself and some fries.

...and some crayons...

We also stopped at Big Lots since the power was still out, Aiden rode the carousel out front. He loves these things! We got a nice lantern here since we have absolutely no flashlights in our house. It was very eerie going home. Starting from Moore Middle school all of the street lights and house lights were out. It was seriously like something out of a scary movie! We were waiting for a zombie or something to jump out of the orange groves and attack us lol. It was nice to see all the stars though =]. The power came on shortly after we got home, then went off when i was in the shower(go figure) then it came back on about 10 minutes later.

Today however was a different story. The power had gone out at midnight and didn't come back on until 11 this morning! We think it may be because of the cable people digging up the street on 5Th. But we don't know for sure so we will most likely be experiencing more in the future. Until next time =]

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Crystina said...

lol i love the picture of hailey trying to kiss aiden! lol... he's looking at her like "freak". haha. and that gnome thing is hideous! my gosh!