Monday, May 17, 2010

36 weeks

Went in for my 36 week appointment and i have started the dialation process!! I am 1 cm and super excited! I cant remember when i started to dialate with Aiden but at 38 weeks i was 3 cm. I am hoping this baby does come a tiny bit earlier since there are 4 members of my family(including me) with June birthdays. A May baby would be nice! =] No picture for today though since i took one like 5 days ago and posted my check up late. I am now going weekly finally and will update you next week =]
We also have some little visitors in our backyard. Some birds have decided to build their nest right outside our back door! I have been watching them build it and about 5 days ago mama bird started to sit in her nest. The other day when we let Chloe out to do her business, i had cody scope out the nest and we couldnt quite see it thanks to our shortness. So he got the video camera and took a video =] (dont worry mama came back to her nest)

We would like to document this cute little bird family but i dont know how close mama will let us get after her babies hatch. My mom looked up what type of bird and how long it would take for the babies to hatch and the conclusion was 14 days. Cody also said that there is a possibility of when the little birds begin to fly one might fall right onto our patio. We will also update you on this little family as well =]

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