Tuesday, May 25, 2010

37 weeks

So i have been lazy and i don't feel like taking a picture but there will be one soon i promise! The doc said everything is good i am now up to 2 cm dialated & 50% effaced and thinking i am probably going to get myself induced again(i asked to be induced with aiden at 39 weeks). I only get a few braxton hicks a day and have had 3 really big painful ones. With that said i don't think i am going to deliver this one early like i have been feeling, but you never know! I do have my bag packed and ready to go! This is the only part of being pregnant that i really don't like...waiting. Next appointment is next Wednesday and if we make it till then i will most likely schedule an induction!
In other Sorenson news Aiden likes lifting up my shirt and yelling "Diddan" at my belly =]. He now knows his "baby broders" name. The bird nest is still there with the eggs. Ill post on that later.
My father in law bought all of the b of m kids movies(yes the old ones). He also bought the bible stories too! We have been using these for our family home evenings and i must say i really like it! They are only a half hour long which gives us time for dinner , family walk, then the movie, bath and bed! I haven't yet read through the whole b of m but now that we are watching these movies i think i am going to challenge myself to do so =].

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