Monday, May 3, 2010

New Things!

We have added a few new things to our household recently =]

The dreaded doorknob covers...i love these =]
Aiden's new potty seat!

We are in the process of training our little boy how to pee in the potty! Which means NO more diapers (at least for a month and a half) and he is in pull ups. He is actually doing pretty well except for today he had a huge meltdown because daddy went to work and he wanted daddy to watch him pee =] little stinker. I love this potty seat because i can bring it with me places;as long as i have a big enough bag to put it in. I took it to church last week and he went potty twice before nursery! Then i just left him in there since every time someone leaves or if he sees me he will cry.
Another new thing which i think is so cute when i hear it is Aiden humming. I have no idea what song it is but he hums while he is playing or roaming the hallways now!
And the last new thing...for now...we are trying to get Aiden to stay in his room at night (see first picture). Since our child was able to open actual door knobs at the age of 17 months we got those lovely covers =]. I must say i really do love these things. It was a major success last night! He woke up at 10:30ish and i put him back to sleep and he slept in there until 7 this morning when he woke up! *Cue the hallelujah music* I was actually able to sleep the majority of the night without being interrupted. And i wasn't tired this morning i felt very well rested.]Cody of course was saying "why didn't we get these sooner?!?" Well hunny you told me not to buy them =]. Anyways those are the few new things that have been going on in the Sorenson home!

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Crystina said...

lol! heather just bought those door knob thingys! ella locked herself in her bedroom last night by shutting the door on herself! aiden is getting so big already! im excited for hailey to go in the big pody! she's gone a few times but not very many and now every time drew and i walk to the bathroom to do something she screams "I GO POOOOODDDDDDY TOOOO!!!!!!" lol! hilarious... of course... she just sits on the seat with her clothes on and doesnt wipe or washes hands. :] haha.... anyways... congrats on getting the whole pody training thing down!