Friday, May 28, 2010

No longer waiting!

Here i was thinking how cool we are documenting this little bird outside and wouldn't be awesome if when i had my baby she would have hers too!? Well not anymore! Mama birds eggs have hatched except for one(still cooking i guess). Yesterday she kept poking her head in the nest and wasn't sitting like she usually did so when we let Chloe out to potty we took a picture to see if anything was happening. She always flies away as soon as our back door opens. And sure enough there was a little pink bird in there! That is what the first picture is. Its kind of blurry because we used Cody's camera on his phone. So today before we had dinner i had Cody go out to take another picture to see of there were any others and there sure was! I am so envious of this little bird because she is no longer waiting for her babies. Here i am waiting for 1 and in one day she has got 3! Anyways that is the update for now! All but 1!
Close up of 2nd picture little fuzzy face =]
Side of little fuzz ball.


Stephanie said...

SO cute! I love that! and, your baby will be here sooner than you think! Mine will be here in 10 years. It is so depressing to think that. :/

Tabitha said...


Crystina said...

aww! how cool! this is a good post. its so funny how that works... and how long do birds have to wait for them to hatch too??? i bet its nowhere near 9 months!!! Lol... man us humans got jipped!