Monday, June 27, 2011

Infinity Scarf

Please don't ask me why i did this in the middle of summer. But at least you will be fall/winter ready!! You can make this scarf for free!! Seriously i love free stuff, so bust out your old Walmart shirts that you don't like after they were washed twice...or just don't like in general =]. All you will need for this project is a shirt and some shears! If you absolutely love every single shirt in your closet then find your closest DI or Goodwill and buy some 1 Dollar shirts!!

Both of these shirts are from Wally world and since the striped one is 3/4 sleeves and it is hot...well you get the idea.

You are going to want to cut 1 inch strips across the belly of your shirt. I got 14 out of mine. You are also going to need strips(for tying) for every one of your long strips...confusing i know but you will see below.

This is what your 1 inch strip across the belly will look like.

Make a figure 8...

and fold over. Do this twice.

2nd figure 8

Now you have rings that are folded to have 4 rings =]

This is where you will tie your rings together. Remember the extra strips i mentioned above? I used the sleeves of my shirt since they were smaller in size. DOUBLE KNOT THEM!! Don't tie them like i did in this picture...deceiving i know =] Tie all of your rings together so that it is an infinite ring of rings!!

And now you have yourself a cute scarf...hippie chic style!
Until next time =]

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