Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fisher Kids Photoshoot

I took some adorable pictures of some adorable little people the other day. Other than trying really hard for both of them to smile at once, it went pretty smoothly. This was a fun photo shoot that consisted of weeds, stealing a chair, and popsicles! Go ahead and take a gander =]

These are just a few of my favorites. My friend had asked me after i did these if i was going to start doing it regularly. I think i may try it out for a little while seeing as this "awesome economy" isn't letting up. I will be building my portfolio so stay tuned for more cute photo shoots! Until next time! =]

1 comment:

Carilly said...

Oh the pictures look good! And those are cute children! If you are taking pictures maybe I can ask my sister if she'd want a session for Caleb. I never got him an official gift ever so I'd buy her a session... I think moms like pictures of their kids :)