Friday, July 1, 2011

Aiden is 3!!

Going through Aiden's pictures really takes me back in time! I can remember when every one of these pictures were taken. It makes me sad to think my first child isn't a baby anymore but is growing into a little boy. Lets take a trip down memory lane =]

After i got my epidural. I was a happy camper =]

He was born just before 6 in the morning. 8 lbs 2 oz. This was after his first bath.

One of our first family pictures.

Cody stayed at the hospital the whole time with me. Staying up at night to feed our STARVING child...seriously he was up almost every hour.

Good friends stopped by to visit. You can see how long this little boy was!

And here he is, the birthday boy. He may be crazy at times but i love him with all my heart =]
My birthday was somewhere in between the boys. I will post on that later.
Until next time.

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