Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas and the NEW Year!

So here i am posting about our Christmas and New Year festivities as many of you in the blog world have already done. I uploaded these wonderful pictures for your viewing pleasure while i was getting ready and everyone else ready for church this morning, seeing as every time i try to upload 5 pictures it doesn't work so i have to only upload 3 pictures at a time that takes about a minute each time! I am writing this after dinner was made and eaten, and everyone is full and happy...for the moment, and while the Brownies are in the oven =] oh yes you better believe i capitalized Brownies! Another note on this post...pretty much all of the pictures are NOT in order. With all of that said here it goes!
On Christmas eve morning we had our new windows put in bright and earyl! We then went to my parents house for a nice dinner and present opening. After that we walked over to my grannies house and open more gifts there and have more food! She had gotten recipes from Graceland and they are elvis's favorites! She had made a ham and a macaroni salad that were quite yummy!
Christmas day morning we opened presents and had cookies for breakfast...yes we did =]. We then hopped on over to my other grannies house for lunch and more presents! I hope my kids dont become spoiled brats from everything they have gotten!
Then on january first we celebrated yet another Christmas at my inlaws. Oh yes we had 4 Christmases but it was no where near like the movie. Although it would have been fun to go to the bahamas or where ever they were planning to go =]
In between New Years and Christmas me and Cody got to go to universal one last time before our pases expired. I must say it was the WORST time to go as there were a million people there and it was freezing! But we got to go see Tron in imax 3d which was AMAZING!! Go see it!
On New years we went over to my Brother's place. It was really fun hanging out with people our age and no kids! We played a game of cran-apple juice pong =]
So now here are the photos to follow =]

There was another group of gifts separated from this one. Im organized when it comes to this =]

Me and Cody on Christmas Eve.

Dillan and his first present. He really likes it!

My 2 little guys. Snowman and Elf.

Xmas morning.

Aiden loves his own set of tools. He is constantly "fixing" things.

He got this from my parents! He wanted to open it right away!

The loaded potato salad i made for new years at my brother's.

It was Grinchmas at Universal =]

Xmas day at grannies house.

LOOK AT THIS!! My little guy should be mobile in a few weeks. He has learned to get that belly up off the floor =] im excited! I never had a baby that crawled!

The cool Mickey Mouse Airplane that the inlaws got for Aidie. He LOVES this thing!

Cody playing our new Playstation Move =] Thank you inlaws!

Me and my almost 7 month old =]

Me and the terrible 2 year old...2 1/2 year old now.
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!
Until next time =]


Chris and Taylor Stiles said...

your boys are soooo adorable!!

Crystina said...

Harold and Tinisha are awesome! How do you like the move? Well gave to have a FHE at your house sometime soon. :D