Sunday, December 5, 2010

Updated Pics

Hare are some updated pics of what have been going on in the Sorenson home. Its Christmas time! I just love decorating for holidays! They are a bit unorganized so bear with me.

Stockings!! We don't have a fireplace or a mantle so i just hung them up on the empty part of our wall.

A Christmas display that i did on our porch.

The Christmas lights!

And our very first Christmas tree! Its a real one and i love how it makes our house smell!
We went to Disneyland this past week and it sure was fun! It was Dillys very first time! He loved small world and that was his very first ride.

First ride on small world.

Some of the parade. We sat out for and hour and a half to wait for this darn thing and it was great!

Me and Aidie watching the parade.

Daddy and Dilly waiting for the parade

The boys also saw Santa! I love the decorations at Disney for this time of the year! And for any of you that have been to see Santa at Cali adventure, isn't the gazebo that he is in so pretty!?! Anyways Aiden wasn't as interested in this guy as he was last year. Last year he practically jumped into the guy's lap! Not so much this year, you can tell by the look on his face. Dillan didn't seem to mind.
Here are some pics of the boys. They are getting so big! =]
Aiden trying to hold his not so light brother.

Pickle sitting up on his own. I got this cute onsie at target on black friday =] He is 6 months old now. How a half of a year flew by i have no idea!

Man has it been cold in calimesa! Not so much anymore but during Thanksgiving week it was windy and freezing! To top it off our windows are from the 80's...probably the same ones from when they first built this place. They are also MASSIVELY drafty and do not hold any heat in. We plan on taking care of that with our tax return next year. SO this is how Dillan has been sleeping for a while. Bundled up in 10 blankets.

This was another COLD day. They were keeping each other warm =]

2 weeks ago my dad had come over to put in our new sink. Here is a picture of Aiden and him working on it.

Last but not least here is a picture i took from the computer from one of those not so free JIB JAb send able cards. I love making them...they are so fun!
I WILL be updating this weekly(hopefully) I have a house of sick boys right now. So i am hoping i don't get it! Until next time =]

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Crystina said...

I can't even find our stallings to habg them in outlr room. :( But yours look grrrreat! Love the picture of Aiden trying to hold Dillan! So cute! And I really like the picture of you and Aiden at Disneyland. :)