Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Bueno

I am really going to despise this post, but i know i have to do this if i want things to be easier. So i was looking online for helpful tips on how to potty train boys and i found some really awesome stuff! Then i looked up how to get your child back into their own bed. Yes i know I'm a horrible person to let my 2 1/2 year old sleep in our bed, but let me just say that things definitely didn't start out that way! Aiden did stay in his crib until he was about 1 year old. All it took was for me to be deathly tired one night and think "screw it!" So ever since that night he has been nestled in between me and my husband, and frankly we are both tired of it. Seeing as our 7 month old sleeps all night in his crib and is getting older and i don't want him to think he can join us too! So with that said i am going to be doing a major mommy boot camp with my son. The potty training will have to wait for next week since the bed training needed to be done when things weren't going on like potty training or having a new baby. Once that is done i am going to do the potty training method that was showed on Dr. Phil. Which i must say that method looks awesome! So wish me luck as i embark on these to weeks of HAIL with my son. I will keep you guys updated.
Here are pictures of my cute kids =]

Until next time =]


Crystina said...

lol very cute pictures! :D what is the potty training method bc i tell hailey if she goes poop in the potty she will get mnm's... so she goes hides in a corner and poops in her pants and says.... yea! i get mnm's!!! haha!

Lindsey Cortes said...

You and I are going through the same things only I have a girl to deal with. Potty training is my nemesis. I have been pretty good not letting Kaylie sleep in our bed but for some reason she thinks she needs to fight me on it every night! It gets annoying. Good luck!