Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Fun Fun

Some fun things have happened in the past month or 2 that i have forgotten to blog about! Having 2 kids to take care of all day REALLY takes up your time! Anyways here are the things that we have been doing lately with the corresponding photos =]
We went to a Black Ops party. It wasn't really called that but at the end of the night that is what it turned out to be=] Quite a few people came and there ended up being 4 TVs hooked up!
This was at the end of the night.
During the shindig.
And the kiddos. This was the most unblurry picture i had gotten of them. Aiden didn't join us that evening since the whole day he was being Mr. Destructive Brat and we didn't want to bring him to a friends house where he would get into absolutely everything!
The beginning of the day =]
We were able to go to Disney at least 2 times this month already. We went once with my in laws and watch the shows.
My mommy in law and Dillan Passed out. She was such a great help with him that day =]
Dillan finally popped out a tooth!! Its only 1 on the bottom and i tried to find a picture to where it was somewhat visible and this was the best i had.
We got to watch Fantasmic! This is my favorite part!
We also got to watch the Aladdin show again. It was the in laws first time seeing it and they liked it!
Dillan finally is also able to be pushed in a swing. He loved it =]
We were also able to go to the San Diego Zoo and we went with our good friends the Fishers! They seem to be seen alot in this blog eh? Anyways it was so much fun even though the majority of the animals were sleeping the whole time! Here are some fun photos.
Aiden and Hailey took a few cute pictures that day.
Of course leave it to my husband to make some sort of funny picture/joke about anything.
The 2 kiddos finally passed out right as the lion was making some sort of loud coughing noise.
Our 2ND trip to Disney was our Aiden Date day. Just me Cody and Aiden. He had alot of fun and rode alot of rides!!
He also got to meet his favorite person!!

And he got to run around on the island. This month so far has been very eventful! As for the sleeping /potty training thing. Aiden isn't doing the sleeping thing too well,(he's a very light sleeper!), so I'm going to try out the potty thing now and see if that is going to happen! Until next time

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