Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dillan John

This little cutie was born June 5Th at 3:15 pm weighing 7 lbs and 19.5 inches long. I was so worried i was going to have a huge baby since my first wasn't that small. And i must say 1 pound does make a difference! This delivery was easier than my first as well but more painful. So here is the whole play by play of what happened =]
Scheduled to be induced at 7:00am got my pill at 8. I waited for what seemed like years! My doc had to come in and manually break my water and after that everything went pretty quickly. I got my epidural and my nurse told me to let her know when i have the urge to push. I went from 5cm to 8 in an hour and half and then started to getting the urge to push. I started pushing at just before 3:10 and 5 pushes later Dilly was here!!
He looks huge but dont let those chubby cheeks fool you =]

Daddy's first time holding baby.

Cody was making fun of me because the whole time i was waiting to have Dillan i was starving and kept telling him what i wanted to eat. I hadnt had anything since the night before! So he took a picture of me looking at the menu a half hour after i had Dilly.
We only had to be in the hospital for 1 day! We came home the next day at about 3:30. With Aiden i had to have an episiotomy or "get cut" to push him out. I remember my recovery being very long and i was very tired. It also hurt to sit for atleast 2 weeks. This time however i didnt need one and i didnt tear which makes my recovery feel like absolutely nothing happened! I was thinking i was going to be in pain again and miserable but im not! Yes i am a little tired from the night feedings but i have no pain and have been cleaning still!

Aiden was a little unsure of what was going on at first. He knows that there is a new baby at our house and it is "baby broder diddan." He has been a little sensitive if we tell him no but other than that he doesnt mind that there is a baby in the house! He likes to hold him every now and then, point out his eyes,nose, ears, hair, mouth, and every other body part he has. He knows to be gentle and likes to play with his feet =]. He doesnt get jealous if i am holding Dillan or his daddy is which is the one thing i was worried about and i am so suprised at how good he is doing! We love our new family of 4 and couldnt be any happier. I will try to keep the blog updated as much as possible!

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Crystina said...

hes def a cutie! wish we could come see him! congrats again.