Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am slowly adjusting to the new schedule, which consists of two little boys not falling asleep until midnight, every single hour of the night feedings, Aiden waking up at 7:30, and me running off of only about 4 hours of sleep. But other than that everything is going well. Aiden isn't as jealous as i thought he would be. He has also been sleeping in his room for the whole night all night long! He only started doing this when we brought Dilly home. Apparently our room is too noisy for him now or he's just tired of us =]. Aiden likes to hold Dilly, point out all of his body parts(eyes nose mouth ears hair etc.) and pat his back after hes done eating. Another thing i have to learn to get used to is lateness...seeing as we have been late to everything this past week, Dillan's doc appointment for one! Wishing there were more hours in my day wont do me any good but i can still dream cant i? In the end though i know it is all worth it. My little boys wont be little for long, and before i know it they will be the ones having little ones. My heavenly father blessed me with these 2 little boys and i may not be super mom but i am trying the best that i can =]. More pictures to come soon. I believe i left the camera at my parents =/

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Jessica said...

pleassseeee leave dillon with crystina EVERY sunday...i got to hold-hog- him the entire time practically! he is adorable and has the softest hair ever :)