Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aiden is 2!

We celebrated Aidens 2nd birthday this past Saturday! Time is just flying by! We did a few new things this year for his birthday which include a bouncer, water balloons, and super soakers. Unfortunately the day before his party Aiden had a fever of 103! He was also feverish the whole day. I felt so bad for him he wasn't really enjoying his party =[. But at the end of the day he started to come around. Apparently his 2 year molars decided to come right on time! Here are some pictures from the shindig!

From right Aiden's soon to be Uncle Eric, Aiden, Grandpa, and soon to be new Grandma =]

This is Great Grandma Joanie and Dillan(my grandma)

Gifts Galore!
Grandma and Dillan (my mom)
This is what my poor little boy looked like the whole day...drained. =[

Daddy Aiden Dayna and Me helping with the presents! Aiden wasn't really interested in opening anything. But he did want to blow his candles out a couple of times! I think that was the highlight of his day =]
Today we are going to take him to go see Toy Story 3!! He loves Woody!

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