Friday, February 26, 2010

Chloe Impossible

So this happened over a span of 1 hour. We didnt take any of the trash out on purpose. Our dog has major anxiety issues when we leave her home alone. She is ok when i am home and Cody is gone and the other way around but if both of us leave is chaos. Even if Harold is the only person that is home she howls like she is dying. You will witness said howling at the end of this video. If our trashcans are overflowing she will also get into them but only if we are gone. Atleast she doesnt poop or pee in the house =]. As soon as we set up the camera and were leaving Aiden saw it and wanted to play with it. You will also witness that at the beginnning of this video. Cody edited it for effect with the music. Enjoy =]

She got a full take-out box of old chinese food and ate the whole thing!

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Crystina said...

LOL!!!! I love that dog!!! Cody did an awesome job with the editing! :D That cracks me up!