Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 Days of Fun!!

On Superbowl Sunday we went to Universal Studios. This was Aiden's very first time going and i was surprised at how good he was! He loved all the shows and the tour. It totally slipped my mind when we were getting ready to pack diapers and wipes. Thank goodness we left at 11 and the first aid place had diapers! The next day we went to Disneyland with the Fisher family. It was their first time =]. We had alot of fun and cant wait to go again!! I also forgot to put the camera card in the camera when we went to Universal but we got a cartoon drawing of Aiden! Were going to make it a tradition to get one of these for each of our kids.

Me and Aiden on the rockets!

Crystina and Hailey
More Rockets

The 2 A's. Andrew and Aiden

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Nola said...

What fun times. Congratulations! another boy. Many more fun times ahead.