Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Boy Room/Nursery/Baby Update

Putting together Aiden's Big Boy room was so much fun for me! I got to go through and organize his clothes and build a bunk bed with the help of Cody of course. So far he is still running into our room at night and he can sleep a full nap without waking up in his new bunk bed =]. If anyone is looking for a bunk bed go to Deseret Industries in Calimesa. We got the dark brown bed but their floor model is a light natural wood looking color.They sell a nightstand and a chest of drawers that match but we didn't have the money to do that. All of their stuff comes from Salt Lake and are built/painted by church members! Crazy huh? This bunk bed is also VERY sturdy. The guy at the store told us if we ever had an earthquake that would be a very safe place to be. Did i mention it smells really good? Maybe its just me that likes the smell of wood and varnish. =]

Play corner. I recycled the changing table to use as a shelf/toy holder.

Closet along with Aiden getting into it =]

The bed and Toys
Since i was able to get All of Aidens stuff out of the nursery i decided i might as well get that ready too. I went through every piece of clothing he had ever had and organized them into 4 boxes according to size. I also did like 10 loads of laundry while getting both rooms ready. I put all the baby toys together and Aiden of course likes those better than his toys. I have caught him playing under the baby gym and sitting in the bouncer. What a big boy huh?

Baby's play corner and toys(and baby socks all over the glider)

Changing shelf(with baby clothes all over it) and crib.
Went to the doctor today and everything is looking good! He said my ultrasound put my due date at June 10Th but since its so close we are just going to stick with the 12Th. All my blood work is good and baby is healthy! As i was waiting for my doctor to come in the room i was talking to Cody and i had realized something! Aiden is going to be 2 in 4 months! I wasn't really thinking about it until now and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I feel like i just planned and survived the first birthday party i ever threw and now i need to plan another! Its amazing how time flies by and how big my little Aiden is getting. I can still remember the day i had him. Also in 4 months there will be another little Sorenson celebrating his big brother's 2ND birthday. =] So much to look forward to!!

24 week belly.

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Purcell's Party said...

Nester!! You should come and nest at my house...gosh I miss that part of pregnancy! The rooms turned out super cute! What a big boy he is...slow down kid! lol