Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick Little Post

First off i switched out my widget for a farther along one because i am actually 9 weeks along! Before i had Aiden my mom gave me a number to a perinatal services place that helps you get your health insurance and they educate you on everything! So i had an appointment yesterday at the same place because i thought why not do it again! Their main thing is to show you videos and educate you on childbirth and taking care of a baby(which i don't really need since i have experience in that department) but i like all the interesting things they told me. They also give you alot of stuff like magazines, samples of different baby products, and prenatal vitamins(alot! i am using the ones i had left over from last time). I also found out my due date there and it is June 12th. I am so very excited that our family is growing and i cant wait to feel those little movements!

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