Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year was Aiden's first "real" Halloween. Last year he was only 3 months old and we didnt take him anywhere. This year we took him to our church's trunk or treat. It was really cute the way some people decorated their truck beds. This was my and Aiden's first time comming but Cody had been before and this year was apparently a big turnout! Afterwards we had some really yummy chili!! Aiden was a panda this year and he wouldnt let me paint his nose for the trunk or treat but he let me on actual Halloween night but unfortunately our camera broke the night of the trunk or treat so i didnt get pictures of him and his painted nose. But i have these!!

Aiden and Cody

Aiden having fun

Cody trying to scare all the kids
The first thing he always goes for the wheels!!
Aiden and Daddy

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