Sunday, November 1, 2009


On October 26th me and cody celebrated our 3 year anniversary(3 years together and 2 married). He booked us a hotel room across from Disneyland and we spent the day there with his brother and some friends that were visiting from New York. We had planned on eating in the Blue Bayou like we did on our 1st anniversary but it turns out it was all booked up the first night and the second night the park closed at 5 for an event. So instead Cody found a coupon for buy one get one free at the Pirates Dinner Adventure. The whole gang went with us and it was fun! We had a big meal and the show was a little cheesy but it was cute.
Me and the bro in law

the show

us and what we thought was the funniest guy in the show. Captain Sebastian.
more show
overall it was a great anniversary!!

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