Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aiden's First Trip to the ER

Yesterday was Aiden's "lets see how many time i can hit my head" day! I swear he must have hit himself 20 times! But the biggest one happened at the end of the day. I had gone over the Crystina's to visit and while we were talking Aiden is next to her rocking chair and he falls and hits his head. I think nothing of it because all day he had been bumping it here and there. Well as soon as i look where he hit it there was a huge knot! It had swelled almost instantly when he hit it. Crystina gave me a bag of frozen veggies and he doesn't let me put them on it and starts screaming louder. I had called Cody to call his doctor and see if we can bring him in. Well as soon as i get home Cody tells me that the doctor is gone for the day and they said if we were really freaked out about it then we should take him to the er. I showed Cody Aiden's head and he said yup lets go! We get there and Aiden is passed out and I'm worried because i know that if you have a concussion you cant fall asleep but then i don't know if Aiden has a concussion. The doctor took a look at him and gave us options. By this time the swelling had gone down. She said we could get a CT scan to make sure he has no internal bleeding in his brain, but that came with a rick of getting a brain tumor from the that one we ruled no! We could also get a regular xray to make sure that he didn't fracture his skull. Or we could just watch him closely for 24 hours and make sure he doesn't throw up and we would have to wake him up every 4 hours to make sure he was responsive. So we decided that we would watch him and i would set my alarm for every 4 hours.

Today he has been doing good. minus the huge bruise on the side of his forehead. He is walking fine and making his usual noises. The swelling has gone down alot and now there is only a small lump on his head. I was thinking this morning about making a helmet that babies can wear as soon as they start walking. Just to protect their precious brain because Aiden seems to hit his head alot no matter what he is doing!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! poor little aiden! xander one time swallowed a screw when he was a baby; and I worried it would rip something..but it came out alright..being a parent is scary sometimes!

Jessica said...

poor thing, glad he is okay...they actually do have special helmuts for little kids...parents usually put their kids in them as soon as they start crawling or walking...they look silly if you ask me, but to each parent their own! and i know it's so sad seething them hit their head over and over.

Purcell's Party said...

Ahhh, owie! They make you panic sometimes, don't they? I'm glad everything is okay. You are such a good mom...lucky little Aiden!