Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aiden's First Haircut/ Father's Day Present

So Aiden got his very first haircut the other day. He now looks like a little boy...he's not my baby anymore! He is getting so big i cant believe it! Here are some pics and a video. He wasnt freaked out while Cody was buzzing his hair...he actually liked it! We used a size 8, which to me it still looks really short. His hair looks like daddy's now.



This year i thought since it was Cody's first real father's day then i should get him something nice and huge! I didnt take the huge part literally until i saw what i wanted for him. I came home and asked him if he wanted his fathers day present early or on fathers day because this thing was pretty big! He ofcourse said early and that spared me the agony of trying to find a place to put this so he couldnt find it. Here is the present.

He loved it by the way.

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