Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 20th Birthday

So Cody suprised me this year and rented a hotel room right across the street from the Disneyland main entrance! We got there on monday and it was about 4 and we had to bring Aiden with us for the day and his dad took him home with him. We were mainly there to see Fantasmic and The Electrical Parade(Aiden's favorite song is the electrical parade by the way). The place was packed! It was a ridiculous amount of people but i still had fun! We went on pirates and a few bugs land rides at cal adventure. As soon as the song started for the parade Aiden got super excited and was looking around everywhere! It was a really cute parade. We had a front row spot and Aiden got tickled by the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Grumpy from Snow White stood infront of Aiden and glared at him.

Aiden in one of those Brtish Phone Booths

I love this picture. He looks thrilled to be at Disneland lol

The Electrical Parade

He loved the parade and after that we went back over to Disneyland to watch Fantasmic. It was so crowded that we didnt even get a good spot for Fantasmic. We were behind this huge tree and had to look around it and like i said there was a ridiculous amount of people there. To top it all off the brand new dragon that they had just got was broken down. So there was no cool dragon at the end but it was ok. Then the next day we had breakfast and waited in line to get my brithday pin and giftcard. If you are an annual pass holder you can choose from 3 things. You can get a 69$ gift card, a fast pass for youre group and choose 6 rides that it will work on, or a return ticket for when your pass expires. I chose the giftcard and got Aiden some toys and the pirates trilogy on bluray=]. Travis and Johnny met up with us there and we went on a couple rides and all in all it was a very fun day minus the people and long 80 minute lines.

Harold had to go to work the day he had Aiden and so he spent the day with one of my mom's co-workers. She also has an AJ the same age and here is a pic of them playing.

Now while all of us were gone Chloe was home. Yes home alone! I deleted the picture on accident but somehow she always manages to get herself locked in our bathroom. And she did tear it up a little bit:the shower curtain was on the floor along with our towels and a couple of things were off the sink but it was better than tearing up carpet or anything!

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