Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aiden is 11 Months old!!

Well he is tomorrow but i just couldn't wait until then. There are so many new things going on with this little boy! So as you know from the last post Aiden took his first steps, well that was 6 days ago. He is now almost a pro at walking. I am so surprised at how fast he has learned to walk. He now walks around the room to get from one side to the other but he is quite wobbly! I think it is so cute how he walks(i call it waddling because he does look like a duck when he walks). He still crawls too so he isnt totally walking yet but he sure is getting close! He now has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom. He loves playing with hotwheels cars and he doesn't stick them in his mouth!! Who would have thought the one thing Aiden doesn't stick in his mouth turned out to be a hotwheels car? He hasn't said his first word yet so were still waiting for that milestone to happen. I am almost done with all of the first birthday shenanigans.
About a month ago Aiden was sick and he had a small diaper rash. Well i dropped him off at my mothers house and she called me and told me his whole bottom was red and it was a pretty bad rash. Turns out the diaper cream i was using that seemed to work fine before did the exact opposite when he was sick. The brand i had was the Desitin and there is a specific non active ingredient(cod liver oil) that reacts with the higher ph levels in the urine that cause like a chemical burn. My mom new all of this because the same thing happened with my sister when she was a baby. So thankfully my mom through out that diaper cream and got one that had triple biotic ointment in it and that helped a little bit. The brand i now trust is the aveeno baby soothing relief, it cleared up his rash in 3 days. So a warning to all mother's with babies make sure your aware of whats happening with your baby's bottom!! and watch out for the stuff that has cod liver oil in it.

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Crystna said...

i cant believe he is walking alllll over the place! crazy! its so exciting!