Friday, May 1, 2009

My Garlic Plant

So we had an extra clove of garlic in our fridge that started to sprout. I figured why not and plant it? well its been a month and it has grown alot as you can see. I read up on growing garlic and it said that i had to cut the flower stalks otherwise i wont get alot of garlic. I should have read up earlier because it also said to plant one clove at a time and i planted the cluster! Oops! oh well whats the worst that can happen? Anyway when i cut the stalks it smelled so good! it wasnt a strong garlic smell but a very light yummy garlic smell. I cant wait to dig up my garlic when they are done!!
Before i cut those cute stalks!!

After the plant got a buzz cut.

Cody thinks that i am so funny because i am so excited about this plant.


Heather said...

nice! silly me never knew you could do that! you're so domestic!

Nola said...

I've grown garlic before and didn't know that. I'm going to cut the flower stalks today.

I think you should plant a garden. You'd love it.