Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day/Bunnies

This Valentine's Day was pretty relaxed for this little family. I had the day off so i got to spend it with 2 of my main men. No cute pictures of my little boys they did not want to co-operate with me but i did put them in red nonetheless! My husband surprised me on his way home from work with lilies(one of my favorite flowers...not a fan of roses) and lobster tails. The lobster tails were raw of course so i googled how to cook them and they turned out like this!

The only other time we had even tried lobster was at Sizzler. Probably not the best choice to even eat lobster there but it was pretty darn good. I have to say though that the one's i made were way better! So sayanara Sizzler from now on I'm making mine!


We added 2 new members to our family today. We have been contemplating on getting some sort of pet for our kids and we couldn't come up with an answer. We have experience with owning a fish tank so we would know what to expect with getting another one. But fish tanks these days are quite expensive. Then we thought about getting a gecko because it would be low maintenance and frankly we don't have time to care for a dog or cat. We also had the thought of getting a hamster since we had owned one before. The one we had owned before somehow got out of her cage and was loose in Cody's Dad's house for a couple days. After he caught her and locked her back up she then barricaded herself and practically committed hamster suicide.

So as we were scoping out all the possibilities we came across the bunnies. We talked with the people that worked the store and they are very low maintenance. We would be able to have the cage outside and cleaning out the cage once a week would be no problem. The bunnies they had were also very people friendly so we thought we would give it a shot(plus they gave us a good deal). So meet Murphy and Looloo Bunny. We don't know if they really are a girl and a boy and we wont know for quite some time. They are too young at the moment to tell the gender. But needless to say they are pretty darn cute.

Murphy a bit camera shy =]

Looloo Bunny

The boys and their bunnies. They do love them!

Aiden loving on Loo

I will try to keep you updated if we find out which bunny is a boy and which is a girl. For all we know they could be the same gender! Until next time!

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