Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let There be Snow!

Winter is my absolute favorite month. What can i say i LOVE cold weather. Living in California we don't get cold weather that often, so last night when it was 30 something degrees and i had to drive home in snow...i must say i was rejoicing! I didn't however rejoice about the people driving like idiots and like they haven't seen snow before in their lives...lets just keep it at that.

The snow didn't fall long but my boys loved seeing it. Aiden woke up this morning and was bummed to look outside to only frost on a few blades of grass. But i made his day better =]

We went to a park that was at a slightly higher elevation than our house. It was pretty nice being the only ones there to use the snow soaked playground =]

My camera shy child. As soon as he sees me pull out the camera he always turns the other way. I stuck him in the swing and refused to push him until he said cheese. This was the outcome.

I wish it would snow more often and we didn't get so jipped on our winters. The boys had fun though. We even got interviewed by the Press Enterprise about the snow! Until next time =]

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Heather said...

You said it perfectly.. "winter is your absolute favorite MONTH" California winters are pretty much a month.
Oh Gina....