Sunday, January 22, 2012


Here are some photos from the holidays and what we have been doing recently! I am so behind so only photos and short notes about everything! I hope you enjoy =]

One of my favorite ornaments.

The star on our tree.

Items from my mantle.

More of the mantle.

The wreath i made for this holiday season...i love it!

Christmas at Nana's house. They are admiring the gift i made them in this picture.

Christmas at Grandma Nisha's and Grandpa Harold's House.

Christmas morning at our house. The boys enjoying their presents. Daddy and Aiden are also in the tent that Dillan is crawling into.

Aiden giving me the sink eye because he couldn't open his present. Daddy bought foil lined wrapping paper that wouldn't even rip.

Dillan Christmas morning. Love his big brown eyes!

Recently we went to the park with my brother and his girlfriend for a picnic. It was alot of fun and the kids had a blast!!

Aiden's signature face. He gets it from his favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I love these boys!

Aiden picked an orange on our walk around the park.

A couple days ago our toilet had plugged and overflowed our bathroom. After much plungering i was done and had come to the conclusion that something was flushed by one of the boys. I interrogated Aiden and got absolutely nothing from him. Since Dillan isn't old enough to tell me anything except he is hungry or needs a diaper change, i figured it was him. My dad came by to give it a look and he had to move the toilet outside to get whatever it was that was jammed inside of it, out. I heard him laughing outside and i knew he had gotten it out. Low and behold it was a half eaten apple. I knew it was Dillan all along!

My little rugrat Dillan also got into some more trouble this morning. He brought the powdered sugar from this morning's french toast down from the counter and all of the floor and himself. Ofcourse Aiden was right there next to him. It made for some cute pictures and one sticky floor!

Until next time!

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