Saturday, January 21, 2012

2011 In Review

So 2011 has been such an eventful year. I can not wait for all the exciting things that 2012 brings. So here is a quick update on the family. Christmas was awesome as usual. Its so great to see all the family members and be able to celebrate the birth of our savior. I am still a working mom. It is so hard sometimes but i know it will be worth it in the long run. It is also nice that i work at the same place as my husband, easier transport wise and we get to take lunches together...who wouldn't want that?! We have been going back and forth about weather or not to move. We absolutely love Calimesa and the seclusion it has. Also seeing the cows on the hill in front of a sunrise is pretty awesome too! But we would like to be closer to both of our families and would love to move back to Redlands. But as of right now we are staying put!
The boys are doing amazing. Aiden is now a sunbeam and it is so cute to see him during primary. We are the teachers for valiant 9 so we watch his every move! Dillan is supposed to be in the nursery but he is in the transitioning phase of clinging to mommy and actually going into the nursery. They spend their time with both grandparents while me and Cody are at work. We know that they are in good hands.
The husband also got me a spiffy new camera which is currently my 2nd love..but shh don't tell Cody that!
Life is flying by so fast i wish it would stop so that i can catch up with all the things that are happening. I hope to have some more updated photos for your viewing pleasure soon! So until next time! =]

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