Friday, May 27, 2011


So apparently i was on to something but not anymore. It has been invented...or something like it i should say. So with that said i will just invent it for myself seeing as i still need one. There will be more on this "item" as soon as i know what i am doing. Confusing i know but there will be some clarity on all of this hopefully sometime soon, but for now here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure =]
Dillan taking steps for mama. Its about darn time!!

My almost 3 year old at the park *tear*
I love happy, angry faces.

Dilly boy and his awesome hair...which will be a part of his Halloween costume as long as daddy doesn't take a pair of shears to his head!

Crystina and cute little Easton

And this cute picture which i think is frame worthy =] One child absolutely distraught(i think because Aiden had her toy) and 2 others with a deer in the head lights look. Not to mention my extra protected, non drown-able son.

Until next time =]

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