Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ohhhh Were Halfway there!!

Hooray for being halfway there! I know it will seem long for the time being but i also know that it will go by fast! I am finally 20 weeks along and officially resorting to maternity clothing =]. Doc appointment is tomorrow and i will be scheduling another appointment for an ultrasound. Stay tuned!!


Carilly said...

Oh my look at your baby belly! How exciting! I have no idea how far along 20 weeks in the pregnancy world but I hope it's going well!

Oh and you should put Chloe on "The Dog Whisperer" :) I went on Cesars website and found out that they are having auditions. Bella is WAY out of control so I am trying to put her on the show. Hopefully it works!

Anne said...

I think the second 20 weeks go alot faster! I always miss being pregnant when it's over!:)