Friday, January 1, 2010


Where has the time gone?! 3 years ago i was dating Cody,2 years ago i was pregnant with Aiden, and 1 year ago he was only 6 months old. Now he is almost a toddler!! There are a few things this year i would like to improve on. I don't really like making new years resolutions because i never keep them! So these are things that i would like to do more/better: Read more to Aiden. I read to him probably once a week and it seems to calm him down alot more. He has so many books and he really does like it when i do read to him.
Cook more. I already do cook more than half of the week. The other part is just frozen foods or takeout. I would really like to get a schedule down and get more easy/healthy recipes! The best part is that i enjoy cooking!
More family time. It seems like my time is always taken up by TV shows i want to watch or those addicting facebook games(you all know em!). I would like to do more with Aiden like taking him to the park every day instead of 3 times a week or finding cheap fun things i can do with him and Cody. We do have a dvr so maybe i can limit myself and record my shows and have a day to myself to watch them.
Teaching Aiden more. I had always wanted to become a teacher all throughout school. Now that i have an 18 month old and one on the way i feel like being a stay at home mom is what i was meant to do! I love being at home with Aiden and watching him grow but i would like to do more education stuff with him. I already have flashcards for him and that worked for maybe a day. Then he got a hold of them and ate/chewed on a couple. Maybe i can start numbers now =]
Grow more Spiritually. It seems like i have been slacking just a little in this department. I would like to be able to read the scriptures daily and do more family prayers. I would also love to visit the temple more often. After all it is practically in our backyard! I do need to get a new dress though since my abdomen is growing =]
I am so thankful for my family and my wonderful husband that help me out when i need it. And i hope i at least touch all of these categories by the end of this new and exciting year!!

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Purcell's Party said...

Great goals for the New Year! You've motivated me to set some new ones too!! You are such a great mom, Aiden and baby are so lucky to have you! Love the "Simply Sorensen" line...too cute.