Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Truly Blessed!

So i have been a member of the LDS church now for over a year and i might say that i have been truly blessed! I have been blessed with an amazing husband and very healthy baby boy. I do know that the power of prayer is very strong and it comes with great blessings! We were recently in a bad financial situation to where we were wondering if we would be able to pay our car payment or have enough money for formula by the end of the month. Me and Cody pray every night before we go to bed and we decided to add this to our prayer. That heavenly father would be able to help us out and give us a hand. Not a couple of days later we filed our taxes and found out that we will be getting a nice handful of money and it would help us out so much!
This past week:
-our check engine light came on
-we had to get our car smog checked to renew our registration
-the mechanic said that if your check engine light was on then our smog check would automatically fail
-we found out it would cost a fortune to get our car not only fixed but also checked out
So with all that said we added that to our prayers. Today when i was leaving work i looked down to see our check engine light wasn't there. I called Cody with the great news! He got the car smogged today...and it didn't fail. =] I am so happy to be a member of this church, and i can honestly say i am receiving the blessings of being here.


Heather said...

you awesome! -the end

Amy Strong said...

You've got a great story. Glad you love what you're doing, and where you are, and who you are. You are beautiful!