Friday, January 30, 2009

They Grow up so Fast!

Aiden is growing and growing! It seems like just yesterday i was in the hospital with Cody holding him for the first time. I love watching him develop and seeing that he is an all around happy baby.
Aiden has found out that if you shake something it might make noise. I gave him his teething tablets and as soon as he got them he shook them like crazy!
I seriously cant wait until he starts crawling or walking. Even though all the other mothers i talk to say "its nice when they dont move," or "you can wait believe me." I want to be able to chase him around the house or go to the playground with him or the park and have him roll around. I must admit i did love it when he was a teeny tiny baby and just doing his firsts but now i want him to be able to be somewhat independent now.
I guess i will just have to be patient like all the rest of the impatient moms out there. =]

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