Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Update

I have been gone from blog world for a little bit but i am gradually getting into a groove to where i will have some time for myself!!What!? Anyways here is what has been going on in our lives!! Cody and i have been working at the same place for almost 2 months now. I like it. Pay is better than what we had and i get to talk to people my age which helps me to keep my sanity. I only work 3 days a week which helps me keep my sanity as well...if that doesn't make sense then i think i may be loosing my sanity! So with all this working my children have of course been acting out a tad bit. Aiden more than Dillan, although he does love seeing Bama and Papa every now and then, he isn't used to me being gone all the time, which feels like alot lately. But thankfully we will be moving to a new building and hopefully be having no more overtime soon. Other than that my boys have been doing good. Aiden has been such a crack up lately. Thursday morning while Cody was getting ready for work(i have Tuesdays and Thursdays off) he decided it was time for Aiden's million questions hour. Here is how it went
Aiden:Are you going to take a shower?
Cody: Yes i am.
Aiden: Are you going to work?
Cody:Yes i am.
Aiden: Are you going to get an umbrella for my Christmas?
Cody: What?
I just couldn't lay there quiet anymore i was laughing. For some reason Aiden has a massive obsession with umbrellas. So lately he has been asking for one and he says it exactly how it is worded above. We went to payless today to get him a new pair of shoes and he of course spotted the buzz lightyear children's umbrella and refused to put it back. Since i am sick and he behaved pretty awesomely all day i decided it wasn't worth it to drag a screaming 3 year old out of payless and across the parking lot with just his shoes. He has had it open in our house all day long(I'm not one for superstitions) and even took a little nap on the floor under it, i must admit it was pretty cute.
Dillan's favorite song is patty cake, and he also brings some comic relief into our lives. I think he is the funniest kid alive sometimes. He also loves any toy that makes music. He climbs on our coffee table, couches, chairs, anything taller than him you name it! He even surprised me yesterday and got up onto our bed(which is pretty tall by the way).
I have been doing pretty well. Eating right has led me to lose 3 pounds which i am so proud of myself! I would like to get to my pre Aiden weight but i know that most likely wont happen, but it would be nice to lose another 5!
We traded in our 2005 Toyota Corolla and bought a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. We were planning on buying 2 cars since i only work 3 days a week and Cody works 5 but that didn't happen. So we will wait patiently for our 2ND car and hopefully buying it will be easy since we know what we want.
We plan on going on our "honeymoon" next October. We plan to go to Hawaii but need to price things out first. Hopefully we can get a good deal. It would be nice to go on a week vacation with out our kids instead of just 1 night at a time.
So that has been pretty much our crazy life for the past 2 months. I promise to post pictures next time...hopefully soon!! I just found our camera battery charger and i plan on taking pictures of our family soon!! Until next time =]

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