Sunday, April 17, 2011

CTR 4 Leader Right Here!

Yup i have finally gotten a calling that doesn't have to do with an 18 month old playing with toys! Not that i didn't like the nursery; i loved it! But this calling i actually get to learn with the kids! I will give you a little background about me first. I was baptized October 27Th 2007 and got married 2 days after. About 6 months after this i was about 5 months pregnant when they gave me and Cody a calling for the nursery. Seeing as Cody had absolutely ZERO experience with babies, we took it as an opportunity to gain knowledge of what we were both getting ourselves into. We had this calling until after Aiden was born and he was about a year old. Then it seemed like we were right back in there as soon as he turned 18 months. But the time in between was about 6 months and we were going to the gospel principles class. I had learned a lot in that class seeing as i didn't really learn anything in the nursery along with being a new convert. After Aiden has gradually become less of a clinger i was able to learn a bunch more.
Now me and my husband are both teachers for the CTR 4 class in our ward. Today was my very first day teaching and i have to admit i absolutely loved it. During high school i had always wanted to be a teacher. So this is a little taste of what i had always wanted to be. I have ofcourse changed my mind of who/what i wanted to be obviously, but i must say it is quite a blessing to be teaching these cute little 4 year olds in my class. It is a huge honor to be the ones that teach them what they need to learn about our church and what they should be doing to get back with heavenly father. Our lesson today was the Word of Wisdom. When i had first read what the lesson was i was at a loss for words thinking, "how the heck am i supposed to teach this subject to a bunch of 4 year olds?" But it was so awesome how the lesson turned out and i am so proud of the class. Even though many of them were hungry(church ended at 5 today) they stuck through it and i am so happy to have an amazing calling with an amazing class. I cant wait to teach more!

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Tabby Powell said...

That is so awesome!! Congrats! You would be a great teacher.