Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have not posted for some time now and there have been MANY changes in the Sorenson home. Dillan is crawling like a crazy man, standing up, and walking along things. Aiden knows most of his ABC's and can count to 11...well he knows all the numbers to 11 and sometimes mixes them up =].
We have been getting rid of so many things that we don't need it is so refreshing! I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of our shoulders by just getting rid of toys, clothes, and junk in general.
I have been so crafty lately it isn't even funny. I made some baby food jar candles recently and they turned out really cute! I also have a new project in the works that i haven't started yet but the image in my head is beautiful!
Here are some up to date pictures!Candles

Planted seeds/trees for spring =] That is a mandarin orange tree in the corner...and my son throwing a fit on the floor.

Dilly passed out in his jumper

My little guy 9 months old! WHEW!!

Helping with the laundry

We got to have an Aiden day at Disneyland =]

SNOW!! We made snow cones with snow and powerade

My 2 men in the snow. Dillan didn't like it too much and Aiden loved it!

We also had just gotten word that we will be getting our sweet Chloe back =] this came as a big surprise! We had such a hard time giving her away and now we get the chance to have her back. We will see how things go and if she is still the same.

Until next time!

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Tabby Powell said...

I love your candles!