Tuesday, March 23, 2010

28 Weeks

Went to the doctor today BOTH me and Aiden. My Obgyn's wife is Aiden's pediatrician and they work out of the same office, how nice is that? Anyways i was "seen" first the doc said everything is going good and I'm going to have to go get my glucose test done. This is the only test that i absolutely do not like! I wont say hate because i know that it is necessary, therefore, i don't like it. Bloodwork i dont mind but drinking that awful sugary, syrupy, "soda" is not my cup of tea. Anyways so that is the update on me. I see the doc every 2 weeks now so i will be posting pictures and updates every 2 weeks =]. And yes that is my belly button popping out. Its been sticking out since 18 weeks. I've got an outtie so i "pop"
earlier. =]
Aiden however was behind on shots. The story is when he was about 14 months old he was seeing a different doctor at a place me and Cody didnt like. For some reason they scheduled him to be seen on thanksgiving. I called that week to ask if they were open on turkey day and they said no but that they could see him the wednesday before. We go in that wednesday to find out that they wont take him because his insurance doesnt cover him on that day. It would have to be after thanksgiving. So we told them we wouldnt be back since i was going to be starting to see my doctor and we would just switch him over to the doctor he has now. So now everything is fine and dandy. My poor little guy had to get 5 shots and a finger prick =[. They also gave me a slip that he has to go get bloodwork done for lead poisoning, but we are definetly going to save that for another day. He was happy though after he got his lollipop. We go back in a month for him hopefully no shots this time.


Crystina said...

awww poor little aiden! that sucks! we are behind with hailey's shots bc mommy and me sucks so let me know how easy it is of a process to switch to our doctor's wife! lol. it's nice knowing someone who has the same doc. :] your belly looks so cute gina bina! your just about ready to popp! im so excited! bring on the depression like last time! lol! love you kiddo!

Jessica said...

is crystina speaking english in her comment?! i read it like 5 times and still have no clue what she is trying to say LOL love you crusty ;)
gina, your belly is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. most preg. people have cute bellys but yours is super cute, it makes me want to be pregnant right this second and i have a 6month old, so that says a lot!

Carilly said...

Aw your belly is cute! :) My sister found out a couple of weeks ago she is pregnant and she is tiny like you too. :) I can't wait to see her baby!