Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haloween 2010

Here is what we did on Halloween! We went to our stake's trunk or treat of course! That was about all we did since the whole day we were painting then we took the kids there and ate dinner...i must say Max Fisher's chili is to die for!! After that we took the kids back to the sitter and spent the night painting.
Me and my little Devil =]
I just love this picture of both of them! This is definitely going in a frame!

Our family on Halloween I must say we look pretty darn good for just being covered in paint an hour before!

This was the best picture i got from me and my boys.

My little surgeon =] This was the only time Aiden had everything on from his costume.

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Crystina said...

I LOVE that picture of our chillins! Lol! Hailey is such a flirty little girl! My goodness it makes me worry! We need to get together and discuss when they aren't allowed to hang out anymore until he gets home from his Mission. ;)

Loved the costumes! Cody, way to scare my kid... Two years in a row! :)