Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Picaboo Photobook!!

OK well it's not totally free you just have to pay 8.99 for the shipping, but come on thats so cheap!! I just made mine today and i must say i am too excited for it! You get to personalize it all your self so that it comes out just the way you like it! What i also love is that it is up to 20 pages! That's alot of pictures! My book was only 14! One downside is that the coupon is for new members only. So get your hubby's to do it if you are already a member! =] Just go over to my Crafty Blog section and click on I heart naptime. You will have to scroll down a bit but its worth it.=] Or you could do it the easy way and the coupon code is FALLBK. It does end on Monday Oct 25Th so hurry up and make one!!

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