Saturday, July 10, 2010


My Pictures aren't in order so bear with me =]

The band that always plays at the Tropicana. They are very good! The Asian guy in the hat was singing a Michael Jackson song and sounded exactly like him! The girl isn't bad either!
On the way home. I didn't know that San Bernardino County reached all the way to the river!

On the way there!

This is where we filled up! 40 cents cheaper than Redlands!

We bought this at Walmart. I didn't know they sold half of a pie in their own half of a pie container!

The water just looks amazing!

Sitting on the beach =]

We are finally back from our lovely get away! Even though it was a hot and toasty 116 it was nice to have a little vacay from the kiddies! When we dropped Aiden off he didn't mind at all. He was saying "bye momma" like it was nothing! He usually cries when he sees we are leaving or we have to sneak out but not that day! It made it even harder to leave seeing him behaving so well! I caught up on some much needed sleep and i must say that was the first night in a looong time that i was able to close my eyes, not get kicked, and not even wake up until the morning! The water in the river didn't even feel cold it was so hot. We were bummed to not have seadoos this time around, but we have alot of fun things planned this week so until then! =]

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