Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Sorenson Update!

Here is what has been going on with the Sorenson's for the month of October.
Miramar Air Show!
We went down to San Diego and spent the night at Cody's aunt's house and the next morning we woke up bright and early for the Miramar Air show! This was Aiden's first time going because last time he was only 3 months old and he absolutely loved it! Last year it was cloudy and overcast which sucks for an airshow! To top it off it started raining and we had to walk all the way back to the car in the rain. But this year it was sunny and cool. The only thing that we forgot to bring was sunscreen. So of course me Cody and Aiden got a bit sun burned!
All About Aj!
Aiden is one and a half weeks shy of turning 16 months. I am so surprised at how much he is learning these days! His vocabulary consists of: mama, dada, grandpa(papa), dog, ball, oh boy, oh kay(oh tay), hello(oh) when he picks up a phone, and the usual baby gibberish. He loves dancing to music, pressing every single button he sees, absolutely loves anything that spins, loves hot wheels cars, demolishing his room right after i clean it, running amuck in the hallway, his puppy Chloe, giving hugs and kisses, and trying to repeat anything you say. He is still quite the comedian around our house and a cuddle bug. He loves the huge blow up bouncers at birthday parties. He cant bounce yet but he runs around and falls down in them. On Halloween he is going to be one of the cutest little pandas around!
The Never Ending Flu Bug!
This past week has been very eventful. A family friend came over and had gotten sick. Well Aiden contracted the same thing which was some kind of stomach flu bug. Then of course me being lovey and giving him kisses i get the darn thing. And last but not least Cody got it. I had asked my parents to watch Aiden while i took care of Cody and cleaned. The ext day my dad got sick and then my sister who was going to homecoming that night and had to come home before she got in. I feel so bad for her!! She is recovering right now with my dad and my mom has been taking care of both of them. She hasn't gotten it so lets keep our fingers crossed!!
Some Big NEWS!!!
We just recently found out, and its early, that we will be expecting our second child in June of next year! I am currently 6 weeks along and am super excited!! I will keep you updated on all the doctors appointments, movements, ecetera.


Heather said...


The Durstelers said...

Oh my goodness! CONGRATS! I am so excited for you guys!

Anne said...

oh how exciting! keeping the numbers up in the ward! :)it's going to be a big nursery group.

Carilly said...

Another baby?? Oh I'm totally excited for you :) You know, if you have a girl, I wouldn't mind if you named her Belle <3