Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trying out the Blog/About our Family

Well see how this goes. I'm on myspace everyday so i should be able to keep this updated! Cody and I first met in high school in our Drama class. Cody was the T.A. and I was a student, who really didn't want to be there in the first place because I didn't request that class but if I wasn't there I wouldn't have met my soul mate =). We were high school sweethearts who started dating on October 26th 2006.

And got married on October 28th 2007.

Nine months later I gave birth to our handsome baby boy Aiden James on June 29th 2008.

He is now 5 months old and is getting bigger every minute!! Cody works with his father renting out laser equipment, and I am a stay at home mom, thinking about going back to work at the YMCA. This is our family =)

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